Saturday, 25 October 2014
Sha of Fear 10 man

Sha of Fear
Team Old

Terrace of Endless Spring clear!
Jin'rokh 10 man

Jin'rokh 10 man
Old School & Ho
get it started!

Productive week for our 10 mans
for the first time since WotLK

25 man raiding

Now recruiting ranged dps!

Madness of

Overdue for a new screenshot
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Aegis (Greek: Αιγίς, pronounced "ee-giss"), as described in the Iliad, is the shield or armor of Zeus (or his daughter Athena). Llane's Aegis was formed in early 2005 as a group of real-life friends banded together to fight evil in Azeroth. Since then many friends have come and gone, but we have remained an active force in the raiding community. Currently, we are a mature group of gamers looking to have a good time with the goal of experiencing all of the content Blizzard has to throw at us. We are a casual raiding guild consisting of: adults with families, college students, and a couple of old farts.